Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Fairies and the Human - Part I

The Fairies and the Human
By Patricia Wilson
Chapter One – The Human
Once there were fairies.  Then they saw a human. 
“AAHHH!” screamed a fairy.  They ran.  All except one, Tinkerbell.

Chapter 2 – Fairy Friend
Tinkerbell chased her. 
Gasp!  “A fairy!”
Tinkerbell was curious.  Tinkerbell landed in the palm of her hand.
Gasp!  “A human”
They made friends.

 Chapter Three – Playing
“Hi,” said Tinkerbell, “My name is Tinkerbell.”
“Hi,” said Maya, “My name is Maya.”
“What should we play?”  Tinkerbell said.
“I know what,” said Tinkerbell, “Let’s fly together.”

Chapter 4 – Flying
“But I don’t know how to fly,” said Maya.
“Well all you have to do is think of a wonderful thought.”
“OK.”  Maya tried it.  “I am flying,” said Maya.
“What did you think of?”
“I thought of snow,” said Maya.
“Wow,” said Tinkkerbell.

Chapter 5 – Maya’s Dad
Maya said, “Let’s go inside.”
“Why?” said Tinkerbell.  “I love flying.”
“Well, I need to go in.”
“Well, OK”
“Oh no! My Dad!  Shhhhh,” said Maya.  “Gasp! My Dad’s coming out.  Hide quick!”

Chapter 6 – Scared
Tinkerbell ran and ran looking for a hiding place.  Finally she found a hiding place.  She was scared.  She shivered with fright.

Chapter 7 – Finally Inside
Maya ran to Tink.  “He’s gone.”
“Good,” said Tink.
“Let’s go inside now”
“OK,” said Tink.
“We’re finally inside.”
“Yay,” said Tink.

Chapter 8 – Maya’s Cat
“Shhhh.  I hear my cat.”
“Oh no!” said Tink.
“He’s gone.”
“Good,” said Tink.

Chapter 9 – Maya’s Room
“OK.  Do you want to see my room?”
“Oh yes!  Please!”
“OK .  Then close your eyes,” said Maya.
“OK,” said Tink.
“OK!  You can open,” said Maya.
“Wow!” said Tink.  “You have a home just my size.”

Chapter 10 – The Dollhouse
“Do you want to live there?”
“Oh yes!  Please!  Is there a bed?”
“Is there plates?”
“Is there a table?”
“Is there chairs?”

Chapter 11 – The sleepover
“Oh!  It’s getting dark.”
{crack, boom}
“Oh no,” said Tink.
“Well, you can sleep in the dollhouse.”
“Yay!  Yay!  Is there a blanket?”
“I can’t wait!”

Chapter 12 – Can’t go to sleep
“Oh.  It’s bedtime,” said Tink.
“I know!  It’s 8:30.”
“I can’t go to sleep.”
“Well, try.”

Chapter 13 – Falling asleep
“Oh I fell asleep and it’s daytime,” said Tink. “Yay!  Maya, Maya, I fell asleep!!!  Oh but I am hungry.”
“Well it’s not time to eat.”