Thursday, August 20, 2015


         I am 10 years old now

I am taking my 1st camping trip in Asheville.


Tuesday, October 9, 2012


clink clank clink clank
all together again
clink clank clink clank
its all at the end
clink clank clink clank
wow look at the time
clink clank clink clank
whew its half past nine

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Silly Putty

It is squashy fun. 
It can print out pencil.  I
like silly putty.

My Haiku

David and me play 
Tug-of-War with a rope. I
love tug-of-war. Hee.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Fairies and the Human - Part I

The Fairies and the Human
By Patricia Wilson
Chapter One – The Human
Once there were fairies.  Then they saw a human. 
“AAHHH!” screamed a fairy.  They ran.  All except one, Tinkerbell.

Chapter 2 – Fairy Friend
Tinkerbell chased her. 
Gasp!  “A fairy!”
Tinkerbell was curious.  Tinkerbell landed in the palm of her hand.
Gasp!  “A human”
They made friends.

 Chapter Three – Playing
“Hi,” said Tinkerbell, “My name is Tinkerbell.”
“Hi,” said Maya, “My name is Maya.”
“What should we play?”  Tinkerbell said.
“I know what,” said Tinkerbell, “Let’s fly together.”

Chapter 4 – Flying
“But I don’t know how to fly,” said Maya.
“Well all you have to do is think of a wonderful thought.”
“OK.”  Maya tried it.  “I am flying,” said Maya.
“What did you think of?”
“I thought of snow,” said Maya.
“Wow,” said Tinkkerbell.

Chapter 5 – Maya’s Dad
Maya said, “Let’s go inside.”
“Why?” said Tinkerbell.  “I love flying.”
“Well, I need to go in.”
“Well, OK”
“Oh no! My Dad!  Shhhhh,” said Maya.  “Gasp! My Dad’s coming out.  Hide quick!”

Chapter 6 – Scared
Tinkerbell ran and ran looking for a hiding place.  Finally she found a hiding place.  She was scared.  She shivered with fright.

Chapter 7 – Finally Inside
Maya ran to Tink.  “He’s gone.”
“Good,” said Tink.
“Let’s go inside now”
“OK,” said Tink.
“We’re finally inside.”
“Yay,” said Tink.

Chapter 8 – Maya’s Cat
“Shhhh.  I hear my cat.”
“Oh no!” said Tink.
“He’s gone.”
“Good,” said Tink.

Chapter 9 – Maya’s Room
“OK.  Do you want to see my room?”
“Oh yes!  Please!”
“OK .  Then close your eyes,” said Maya.
“OK,” said Tink.
“OK!  You can open,” said Maya.
“Wow!” said Tink.  “You have a home just my size.”

Chapter 10 – The Dollhouse
“Do you want to live there?”
“Oh yes!  Please!  Is there a bed?”
“Is there plates?”
“Is there a table?”
“Is there chairs?”

Chapter 11 – The sleepover
“Oh!  It’s getting dark.”
{crack, boom}
“Oh no,” said Tink.
“Well, you can sleep in the dollhouse.”
“Yay!  Yay!  Is there a blanket?”
“I can’t wait!”

Chapter 12 – Can’t go to sleep
“Oh.  It’s bedtime,” said Tink.
“I know!  It’s 8:30.”
“I can’t go to sleep.”
“Well, try.”

Chapter 13 – Falling asleep
“Oh I fell asleep and it’s daytime,” said Tink. “Yay!  Maya, Maya, I fell asleep!!!  Oh but I am hungry.”
“Well it’s not time to eat.”

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Jamestown Report

Jamestown was settled in 1607. It was the first English Colony that succeeded. The English settlers traded with the Powhatan Indians. Pocahontas is a famous Powhatan Indian. The settlement grew larger. Jamestown was the capital of Virginia until 1619.

My trip to Jamestown was fun. I liked making the rope and I liked how Indians crush corn. It was fun to try it. They shaved the deer skin with oyster shells. I enjoyed trying it. I liked how they made the Indian Huts. The beds had fur. I would hunt a Bob Cat to make my bed because I felt one’s fur and it was soft. We got to see the three colonist ships. The ships sailed a long way. They look cool. I liked how big they were. I had never seen a famous ship before. My favorite part of Jamestown was playing in the Indian Village.

The Girl in my Bed

There was a tiny girl in my bed

Who slept right on top of my head.

She wakes me at night

Because her pajamas are too tight.

“Make me new clothing,” she said.