Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Jamestown Report

Jamestown was settled in 1607. It was the first English Colony that succeeded. The English settlers traded with the Powhatan Indians. Pocahontas is a famous Powhatan Indian. The settlement grew larger. Jamestown was the capital of Virginia until 1619.

My trip to Jamestown was fun. I liked making the rope and I liked how Indians crush corn. It was fun to try it. They shaved the deer skin with oyster shells. I enjoyed trying it. I liked how they made the Indian Huts. The beds had fur. I would hunt a Bob Cat to make my bed because I felt one’s fur and it was soft. We got to see the three colonist ships. The ships sailed a long way. They look cool. I liked how big they were. I had never seen a famous ship before. My favorite part of Jamestown was playing in the Indian Village.


  1. Sounds like you had a fun trip. I loved seeing the pictures of you in your costume! You looked so cute. I am glad you were able to go here and learn so much. PS you are a great writer

  2. Great job Patricia! Loved it!!!

  3. I'm sure you fit right in at the Indian Village.